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Welcome to +90210+

You could say my foray into fashion started at an early age. And by “fashion” I mean mixing and matching my tie dyed tshirts to my layered tube socks and crowning my curly halo with glitzy hair bows. I have loved lace and ruffles and fancy iron-on embellishments for as long as I can remember. Needless to say, farm girl fashionistas weren’t really a thing in rural Kansas, but I was lucky enough to have parents that let me embrace and investigate my own personal style—whatever that entailed at any given moment. As I grew older and became more aware of fashion as an industry and style as a unique expression of self, I began to curate a wardrobe that reflected my inherent individuality. And while some cherished statement pieces always made it from one year to the next year, I found that pulling statement pieces and accessories from estate sales, sample sales, my sister’s closet, and vintage boutiques- allowed me to stay within my means while creatively repurposing “trends” into something all their own. Over the years, I’ve learned that money doesn’t necessarily buy style. Not that I don't appreciate the incredible designers of our time- but aside from a few key pieces, I've found that everything else is superfluous. Even here in the 90210. Don't get me wrong, I like to treat myself as much as the next girl, but I can treat myself a lot more often if I stay off Rodeo Drive. That's why I'm always on the lookout for the clearance rack (thanks mom), the trendiest websites (thanks Gigi), and (drumroll) wholesale pricing (hello downtown fashion district). My point being, that whether you can afford it or not, you don't have to spend the most to look the best. I love items that add a lot of value to your wardroe without deflating your wallet. I call these gems ‘chiccessible’ – that’s CHIC + ACCESSIBLE. Because chic should be accessible.

 As a transplant to Los Angeles in my twenties, I quickly noticed that my style (along with a few other things) made me stand out from the pack. The sticker shock that I began to regularly suffer was only a small part of the overall cross-country experience for me. But more importantly—WHY DOES EVERYONE CARRY THE SAME BAG??? If fashion is the outward expression of your inner self- and I believe that it is- I think that it’s important that fashion is personal, fun and as fluent as you are. How can you be fluent when you’re spending a month’s salary on one item? I can guarantee that anything I’ve spent over $500 on is still and will likely always be in my closet. And I still don’t see how blowing five years worth of babysitting money on a single purse can induce any sense of fun. So despite these seaside revelations, I continued to curate my wardrobe the way I always had- perusing off the path vintage boutiques, sifting through wholesale rabbit holes downtown, and scrolling online shops from across the pond. Back in those earlier days, my roommate and I would be getting ready for a night out; a mix of rap and rock music blaring in the background, a few glasses of wine, nudging each other with our elbows for the spot in front of the single full length mirror…and the final voila would reveal exactly polar opposites in style. Hers was cultivated from the typical Los Angeles trends we all know so well; ie. out of the dozens of girls we ran into that night, 85% had on a similar version of her outfit… maybe even 99%.

And then always- there was me.

Soon enough my style had snowballed into a full on personality of its own. It was my trademark. Day to evening to night time attire was always met with a “where did you find that!”, and “I’d love to get my sister something like that!” I was recruited to work for a top lifestyle company; trying out clothing and beauty products and sharing my thoughts with the rest of the community. I started working with a few independent fashion labels; ones that really aligned with my eye and expanded my vision. I was inspired to set up a series of local pop-up shops in Beverly Hills with another uniquely stylish girlfriend, where we curated a wide collection of one of a kind, distinct pieces mixed with dozens of styling options and accessories to go with everything and complete every look. These pop ups went from a fun gathering of a handful of friends, to hundreds of people showing up and us selling out.

 My unique grasp on style survived college, carried through my twenties, and now has truly arrived in my thirties. As the proud mama of two adorable little humans, I’ve recently been faced with several fashion challenges that I hadn’t encountered before - hello endless athleisure wear-- which has ended up being a blessing in disguise. Embracing motherhood has allowed me to recognize the need and understand the issues of being a millennial mom. And here we get to delve into a whole new world of fashion. Millennial mamas aren’t only the SAHMs at the park or the career moms at the office, but also the small business owners at the coffee shops and the furbaby mamas at the farmer’s market and every woman in between anywhere else our mobile offices take us. Because women don’t fit in any one box anymore. We’re doing away with labels. Forcing strides. Making decisions. We’re the leading ladies in the post Me Too narrative. And we can wear whatever we want while we do it all- and even better when we can do it with style.

So... after perusing the fashion magazines and admiring the glitterati on the local sidewalks, I'm sharing my observations and putting together a few items every week that I think bear the most tastemaking potential. I love pieces that are simple, easy to wear, classy, sexy, and chic. With the occasional show stopper. Beverly Hills, Hollywood, and Los Angeles as a whole has some of the most amazing, sought after, very first-to-market fashion trends in the world. While I occasionally dable in the 90210 arena of luxury, I have curated my fashion collections from all over the world, at an affordable price. And as a mommy, I really enjoy doing the same for my kids’ fashion, as well. And now, I’m honored to do it for you! Whether you’re a career woman, a mommy, a fur mama, an athlete, an astronaut or a dog walker, this site is meant to bring out the chiccessible fashionista in all of us. 

So find your style sense, 

make it fun, 

keep it fluent, 

and strike it CHIC.


Dressed To The Nines By The 9’s,

Jocelyn Nicole 

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