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The 9's Talk Tulle 101

Because I'm obsessed with tulle skirts this spring and because I sold my first one of them this evening... let's talk about tulle! 

So just like everything else, tulle has to be packaged and shipped. And in order to do this, it is obviously mushed. Compacted. Wrinkled. Demoted to a state that is the opposite of glory for all things tulle. But have no fear! That compacted, wrinkled garment you just excitedly pulled out of your +90210+ shipment is indeed the tulle skirt you were dreaming of! However, in order to restore it to it's prepackaged layers of infinite fluff, you must first give it a little shake. Turn it upside down and give it a better shake. And then I recommend pulling apart each layer piece by piece and separating it from the others. All seven of them. And then place it on a hanger and leave it overnight in your closet. 

And VOILA!! Seven layers of ballerina inspired whimsicalness...

KKW Kim Kardashian West slays the spring tulle trend

Not quite there yet?? No worries. Pop it into your bathroom while you shower and let it get all steamed up. Or what works even better for some of the heavier weight tulle ie. our Flirty Tulle Minis-- your garment steamer! --if you have one, you already know that the thing works wonders in two minutes flat. The wrinkles should fall right out with some well placed steam. Use your fingers to comb out the persistent ones. (Always be careful when adding heat to any garment, of course. Slow and steady wins the race only if it's an agreeable temp). And then shake and fluff again. You can also use wrinkle releaser or a 50/50 mix of water and fabric softener in the event of static. PLEASE DO NOT EVER PUT YOUR TULLE IN THE DRYER. I don't know for sure if any fairies will drop dead, but trust me, your skirt will not survive the dryer under even the most mythical circumstances. For the absolute best fullness possible, I recommend separating the layers again once it's on your body and giving it a few good fluffs before you dance out the door.

And btw-- tulle can be worn anywhere! To the market, to the shopping mall, to date night, and even to the park! I was extremely popular at Century City shopping center over the weekend in my blush tulle skirt-- lots of people (especially mini fashionistas) loved the look! I paired it with a simple white crop, my floral jacket and my plain white tennies! So what are you waiting for?? Add some tulle to your life!

tulle spring fashion versatile how to dress down tulle

To the nines!

By The 9's,


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